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Metal file cabinets

TECHMARK L. Ogłoza, S. Zdziechowski sp. j.

Piotrkowska 10 95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki

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Metal file cabinets

Important documents should be contained in a safe place. Techmark's metal file cabinets are a great way to keep official papers and reports well-organized. They are available in many different types and sizes. They can be adjusted strictly to a selected format like A3 or A4. The company equips these products with a locking system to prevent the drawers from falling out. Such cabinets are very durable. They effectively protect the documents against contamination. They are used in:

  • office spaces,
  • schools,
  • medical centres,
  • banks,
  • hotels and many more.

The company has decades of experience in the business. Over the years, it gained a well-established position on the market and became the leading manufacturer of metal furniture in Poland. It cares about the quality of its products and outperforms the competition by using new technologies. It's very versatile – it can prepare an order of any size and even provide a prototype of the product based on the client's idea. It's a reliable business partner.

messages.published : 2023-02-27

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